Join the club of 100

For 10 years La Unica Chilod Care centre has struggled without any electric light. I believe its time for LA Unica to get electricity installed. To do this at least 77 persons each paying 100 SEK (swedish currency) are needed. For Kenyan Schillings see below.

I share this vision with people I meet and wonder how long it will take to cover these costs. I offer to send all sponsors home made DVD´s (Iceland and/or Kenya) if sponsors ask me. Please join the club now! Easy to pay to Swedish BG 396-7858  Account name “La Unica Kenya”

(Below are the estimate from La Unicas manager David Gaitungu)

Installation cost (Kenya power and lightning company) 35000 KES

Materials (Bulbs, swithces, wires, circuit breakers etc. 23000 KES

Labor 8000 KES

Secure room for equipments:

Metal door 8000 KES

Metal window grill 4000 KES

Labor 3000 KES

Transport 500 KES

+Reserve for different exchange rate etc.  5700 KES

Total 87200 KES


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