To expensive to send in mail, sold for 1875 SEK

A parcel of 5kg cost 400SEK to send so carefullnes and wisdom needs be. customs are expensive as well. cash is king as they say….


 About 10 shoes and 25 hood-sweaters and lots of other clothes were sold for the full benefit of La Unica. Clothes that are forgotten, are hereby reused in a win-win-win situation. School and Gym dont need to through them away, buyers get clothes and La Unica get money for school material. GREAT

At my school the library has given many books to be bought among the staff and the money goes to either Rädda barnen, Röda korset eller La Unica (med bössor i receptionen). Denna hösten har pengarna räckt till att köpa visitkort och vykort från Vistaprint med La Unica tryck på. SÅ det blir ett paket till jul och resten som en slant insatt på deras konto. De kämpar, vi kämpar, alla kämpar!


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