Christmas and life ahead

At thanksgiving friends to Strandberg family announced they were goin on safari in Kenya for Christmas. We agreed on us preparing and them bringing a suitcase with gifts for christmas. My mind was full with health recovery desire and half time work, so no room for more during the semester. As Christmas got closer, semester ended. Elsa started to plan for the suitcase and I tagged along, With her help, It became real. Paul went with a Mutatu friend and picked our friends up at the airport, drove them to their hotel. Paul took the suitcase to David and Catherine at La Unica Christmas eve. Same day Robert and Paul met at Pauls and finally Paul relaxed. Mission accomplished. He has always provided good service for others, actually his deeds that got me on the track of trying to do something for families on this other continent. Some people have told me to give it up, others encouraged. I know I cant do all, just something. I do not engage in new projects, considering my health, but do something.

Funds to be governed wisely.

– UBUNTU fund is established for Solar-microloan-development at La Unica. Fund is setup by Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad.

– Sarah Ombati is halfway through university becoming a microbiologist, she now has government studyloans for the fees, but for upkeep/food and living some sponsorship still is required as unemployment in family remains.

My summary for the future is that La Unica families lay in the hands of themselves, UBUNTU fund is help for selfhelp and so is Sarahs.

The fishing rod here, is cutting long term costs on lighting and constructing hope through education.

Happy new years!



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