Deliverance in words and pictures

Happy New Year and bravo to all your family. Say hi to Elsa and the whole from David & Catherine.

Since last year you have been a great family friend unto us and may our heavenly father double your loving spirit and reward you twice. Everything here is ok and none is sick better good health than money.

wheelchairA lot God has done for us up to date i.e. Baby Wambui’s wheel chair sited and now back to school, certificate of our centre in community based organization with various definitions, clearance of Oksa Micro loan is now through and still waiting for more from our creator. Sorry for your illness, hoping you have recovered, no more stress at this winter.

For solar lamps not yet gone in whole but still in the process of supply and still pay in installments.

Taken care of all this, now that we have just resumed  from December holidays we have great ideas and no more stress. Future plan in our minds combined. May this be of not our interest but for our vision.

Gerald and Andrew now back to their institution for further studies, purity and charity promoted to upper levels. Women group preparation for next season at land?


delivery_suitcase christmas suitcaseHow Elsa doing in Sweden? Again and again receive our thanks for Christmas gifts.

ubuntu_ostermalmchurch_fundPass our regards to all and church members who felt concerned for La’unica centre. May our God bless them wholesomely.

Read Philippians 4:19.. from David & Catherine… women group La’unica, staff and families.

Oksa’s message,

From the word go, goodbye you are appreciated effort to the group. Be blessed and may God multiply your love. Loan covered what next. Do we send it. If yes.. how do you want it?

Say hi to all you friend is referred completed?

What to know.


3 thoughts on “Deliverance in words and pictures

  1. UBUNTU is what the top of Maslow pyramid is about, sharing success. Nothing fulfilling in doing things alone, always need to share, like your parents do, like we all try to do. Pay it Forward. Humanity in person – UBUNTU

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